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Surgical Oncology Hospital

One of the best surgical oncology hospitals in India is a division of Oncology dealing with the surgical management of cancers. Surgery was the earliest and most time-tested treatment modality for a wide range of cancers. Most solid tumors require surgery as a main part of their treatment to achieve meaningful results and cures. Over the decades, it has evolved into one of the most important surgical specialties and the best cancer hospitals in Bengaluru.

Surgical management of cancers at the Hospital for Oncology requires extensive and complicated procedures, which are technically challenging and time-consuming. The main aim of most of these procedures is to achieve a tumor-free zone in the operated area.

Technical advances and improved pre and postoperative care have made most of these surgeries safe and effective at the Vydehi Cancer Care Centre.. Most of the advances in recent times include minimally invasive approaches to remove cancerous tumors, organ-conserving approaches, which result in better postoperative function, and advanced reconstructive procedures to achieve superior cosmetic results.

The main cancers which require the services of the surgical oncology division are Head and Neck cancers, Breast cancers, Gastrointestinal cancers, Thoracic malignancies, Genito-urinary malignancies, Soft tissue and bony tumors, and Nervous system tumors, which include brain and spinal cord.

Facilities At Our Hospital Augmenting The Surgical Oncology Services

  • Frozen Section And Other Pathology Services
  • Specialized Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  • Blood Bank With Facilities For Blood Component Therapy
  • Micro Vascular Reconstructive And Prosthodontic Support
  • Diagnostic And Therapeutic Endoscopies And Minimally Invasive Surgery