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Endocrinology Department

Vydehi Super Speciality Hospital Endocrinology department provides comprehensive diabetes and endocrine-related care for both outpatients and inpatients of all age groups by the best endocrinologists in Bangalore.

Patients with diabetes mellitus are provided with comprehensive and individualized diabetes care using a team approach by the most elite diabetologists in Bangalore. The team consists of specialized doctors (top endocrinologists in Bangalore), nurses, and diabetic educators cum nutritionists. Along with being evaluated and treated by doctors, all patients are given individual advice on nutrition, exercise, monitoring of blood glucose, management of medications, and sick day guidelines.

Other services provided include evaluation and treatment of thyroid diseases, metabolic bone disease (as well as osteoporosis and osteomalacia), disorders of growth, adrenal and pituitary diseases, the most common polycystic ovarian disease i.e. PCOD problem treatment, and other menstrual disorders in women.

The rising epidemic of obesity is managed using a team-based approach with expert advice from the finest nutritionists in Bangalore.