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Emergency: 18003091001

When Every Second Counts – The Vital Role of Trauma and Emergency Care in Saving Lives

When Every Second Counts – The Vital Role of Trauma and Emergency Care in Saving Lives

It is two in the afternoon, and a team of doctors at Vydehi Superspeciality Hospital (VSH) enters the canteen to have their meals. While they start their lunch, a discussion brews between them about the emergency case they had just attended. They are halfway through when they get called to report to the trauma bay to attend to an emergency accident case.

The specially equipped Vydehi Superspeciality Hospital (VSH) ambulance head straight to the trauma bay. The specialized paramedics have done all they can to contain the damage en route to VSH. Since the onset of the call, the team of trained specialists at the trauma bay ready themselves to help the critically injured.

Once the patients arrive at the hospital’s trauma care center, the highly efficient team gets to work without wasting a second. Since each member is well-versed in their role, they work in tandem to increase the survival chance of each critically injured individual. By the time the patient’s vitals are stabilized, cold meals await their return. But it doesn’t matter for our emergency care team. They are at peace. As their shift ends, they head home with the satisfaction of saving yet another precious life.

Replay the situation over in your head. Without adequate emergency care, a team of specialists, and good infrastructure, the patient’s survival chances would have been slim. Accidents or emergency health issues do not come knocking on the doors. But when they do, at Vydehi Superspecialty Hospital, we make it our mission to be ready 24*7.

Knowing Trauma care

The trauma care unit plays a vital role in saving precious lives.

The department of Emergency medicine at VSH provides the best critical care medicine, intensive care medicine, and hospital emergency services for acute illness and life-threatening conditions. Cardiac arrests, accidents, heart attacks, pediatric emergencies, and other critical cases fall into the category.

The popular term “Golden hour,” indicating that a patient needs medical attention within an hour of facing a critical health emergency, describes the importance of Trauma care. The time limit becomes even more restrictive when it comes to pediatric emergencies. Pediatricians worldwide use the phrase – “Platinum 30 minutes” since children are much more susceptible to health emergencies.

Hence, the core principle of specialists in the emergency medicine department of VSH is to provide immediate and accurate care to stabilize patients within the Golden Hour or the Platinum 30 minutes to increase their chance of survival multi-fold.

Critical Care Unit at Vydehi Superspeciality Hospital (VSH)

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley of India, VSH is a pioneer in providing world-class critical care facilities. Equipped with some of the most sophisticated diagnostic tools, we are all set to attend to medical emergencies, sometimes more than one.

The scene at the unit is never chaotic. Each specialist assigned to the emergency medicine department has vast experience in dealing with emergencies. Each specialist has a role to play, and when in the trauma care team, they rely on each other to help the patient with acute illness to pull through life-threatening moments.

One of the best examples of critical care is the “30 minutes door to cath lab” protocol developed by VSH, which ensures a patient with acute cardiac arrest gets the required medical treatment within 30 minutes of arrival at the emergency room. We have more such protocols designed by our eminent doctors that cater to different emergencies. With the best minds backed by next-gen medical infrastructure, at VSH, we have taken a giant leap in providing world-class trauma care facilities.

Features of Vydehi Superspeciality Hospital (VSH) 24/7 Accident and Emergency Care

Our nimble-footed experienced trauma care experts respond to emergencies quickly and pave the way to take secondary steps to save precious lives. Our dedicated emergency wards and specialized ICUs have a world-class medical infrastructure. The critical care units constantly have human power and the best amenities to handle more than one emergency at a time, making us one of the best accident and emergency care hospitals in garden city.

The three pillars of the VSH trauma care department are:

  • Advanced life support ambulances: Trauma care starts even before the patient arrives at the hospital. Hence, Paramedics, who manage VSH advanced life support ambulances, play an equally important role as that trauma specialists. The highly experienced team of experienced paramedics starts emergency treatment to contain physical damage to the body, thereby increasing the survival rate of the patients.
  • A team of ready-to-go highly experienced trauma care specialists working with each other to assess the nature of the emergency and treat the patients accordingly. Trauma Care Specialists need to be adept in diagnosis, management of acute injuries, and emergency treatment procedures. Often trauma surgeons have to step in to treat patients with multiple critical injuries like head injuries, severe burns, or cardiac arrest. The ability of the team to work together and think quickly on their feet during an emergency with incomplete information at their disposal becomes the key to saving many cherished lives.
  • The advanced life support equipment provides real-time data, enabling doctors to administer the proper treatment swiftly without wasting precious seconds.

Our specialists in the emergency department provide the best possible care because of their extensive expertise in emergency medicine. Their ability to take instant action to decide the next best course of therapy as first-line healthcare providers mark us among India’s best emergency medicine providers. Our emergency physicians serve each patient as if they were one of their own, distinguishing us from the rest. Our comprehensive emergency care services provide acute sickness management and prepare the way for quicker recovery.

We employ the finest modern medical practices to deliver the best critical care when it matters. Whether hours or minutes, when emergencies come in unannounced, we say, “Minutes Matter.”

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