Emergency: 18003091001

Emergency: 18003091001

IPD - Admission


Procedure for Inpatient Admissions
You will require an ‘Admit Instruction Slip’ from a doctor of Vydehi Super Speciality Hospital to register for admission.


Various categories of rooms, ranging from the Economic ward to the Deluxe suite are available. Please place your request with the admission assistant. All efforts will be made to provide the room of your preference. In case of non-availability of requested category, an alternate room will be allotted and you will be shifted to the room of your choice as and when it becomes available.


Charges for ICU/CCU/ICCU will vary with the category of bed/room the patient occupied as indicated below.
Direct admission and discharge from ICU/CCU/ICCU will be charged at Semi-Private rates

General Ward Rs. 900/- Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 7,000/-
Semi Private 4 Bed+ 5th floor SPVT Rs. 1,100/- Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 7,000/-
2 Bed Rs. 1,400/- Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 7,000/-
Semi Private Deluxe Rs. 1,700/- Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 7,000/-
Private Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 7,000/-
Deluxe Rs. 3,500/- Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 7,000/-
Deluxe Suite Rs. 7,500/- Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 7,000/-
Special Nursing Unit- (Neuro ICU) Rs. 1,500/-

Note: 8% Luxury Tax will be charged on Bed charges above Rs.1000/- per day as per the direction of sate Govt. Karnataka.


The Nursing staff comprises of trained nurses and nursing supervisors with experience in critical care and are imbued with a sense of caring for the patient and the family. A charge is levied for the nursing service which depends on the category of ward/room occupied by the patient.


On admission, an initial deposit will be collected at the In-Patient Billing counter. The amount depends on the category of room and the treatment/surgical procedure planned. Reminder for further deposit will be sent from time to time as your credit is utilized. Payments are accepted only by Cash/DD/Credit Card. Cheques are not accepted.

Category of Bed Deposit
General Ward Rs. 10,000/-
Semi Private & Semi Private Plus Rs. 25,000/-
Private Rs. 30,000/-
Private Plus Rs. 40,000/-
Deluxe Suite Rs. 50,000/-
ICU/CCU/ICCU Rs. 30,000/-
Medical Insurance Card Holder

The following procedure is adopted for Admission.

  1. All planned admissions for hospitalization/surgical procedures will be made only after the receipt of Pre-Authorization approval from the concerned TPA/Insurance Company.
  2. Pre-Authorization form for all Mediclaim policyholders shall be issued from Admission Counter to the patients requiring admissions.
  3. Admission Counter will validate the identity of the patient prior to giving a request form of the concerned TPA/ Insurance Company Admission Procedure
  4. The request form consists of 3 parts:
    Part A: To be filled in by the insured Patient/Attender.
    Part B: The patients shall then get Pre-Authorization form filled in by the treating Doctor.
    Part C: Billing counter shall enter the estimated cost of the treatment.
  5. Filled in forms shall be submitted to Insurance Cell at Reception counter along with photo ID for processing with the concerned Insurance company/TPA.
  6. During the off duty hours of Insurance Cell, the filled in form shall be submitted at Billing for processing.
  7. The request will be submitted to the concerned TPA/ Insurance Company, the Turn Around time for authorisation is approx 6-10 working hours.
  8. The TPA/ Insurance Company will send Approval/ Denial Letter and the print out of the same will be available at the Insurance Desk.
  9. If approved the Approval letter will also indicate the amount upto which the TPA will settle the bill directly with hospital.
  10. After receiving Pre-Authorization approval from the concerned TPA/ Insurance Company, the patient can get admitted.
  11. If the patient wants to get admitted prior to the receipt of Pre-Authorization approval, deposit has to be made as per the existing system of the Hospital, depending on the room category and 90% of the cost of surgery, if any. This applies to EMERGENCY admissions also. (Subsequently Pre-Authorization would be requested from the TPA/ Insurance Company) as above.
  12. Such deposits received will be refunded in cash (if it is within 10,000/-) or by way of A/c payee cheque (in the name of the patient only) on discharge or will be adjusted against balance (if any) in the final bill on receipt of approval.
  13. At the time of discharge if the final bill amount exceeds the authorized amount, the consolidated final bill will be processed with the concerned TPA for enhancement for further approval or reconfirmation of the case which will take 3-4 hrs from the time the final bill and discharge summary are processed. We request you to bear with this delay in the discharge formalities.
  14. Payments are to be made in full, if Pre-Authorization is not approved under any circumstances. Similarly, difference amount in the bill (if any) not approved by TPA / Insurance along with the non-medical expenses and non-reimbursable charges shall to be paid by the patients at the time of discharge.
  15. Please note t hat the rejection of the preauthorisation request is only denial for cashless services and is no way to be treated as denial of treatment. The insured can directly settle the bill with the hospital, the insured retains the right to get treated and submit the bill directly to the TPA for subsequent reimbursement.
  16. With regard to all TPA/ Insurance related issues, decision of the Vydehi Super Speciality Hospital Management will be final and binding.

If a patient moves to a higher category room, the charges for ICU/CCU, investigations, operation theatre and professional fee will be as per the higher category of room occupied and will apply from the time of admission.
If a patient moves to a lower category room after a cathlab or Surgical Procedure, the charges for Investigations, Operation theatre, professional fees etc. shall be as per the higher category of room occupied before the procedures.

  1. Patients in Deluxe Suites, Deluxe, Private & Semi – Private rooms are permitted to have one attendant with a pass. The pass is provided at the time of admission. ‘SECURITY’ will check all entry points and at random to control unauthorized persons from loitering in the hospital. Please co-operate with them.
  2. Attendants are not permitted in the General Wards.
  3. If a patient is transferred to the Intensive Care Unit, the room/bed occupied has to be vacated and cannot be occupied by Attendants.
  4. Attendants of patients in CCU,ICU,ICCU, can remain in the respective lounges till 9.00 pm only.
  1. The hospital kitchen is equipped to serve well-balanced vegetarian meals.
  2. Special diets will be served as prescribed by the doctor.
  3. All meals are planned and their preparation is supervised by trained and competent dieticians.
  4. No outside food or home food is allowed, either for patients or for patient’s attendants.
  5. We shall provide food in the wards ONLY for the patients. Please note that food for attendant/visitor is not permitted in the wards. Attendants/visitors can have food at our Cafeteria. However if the attendant is a senior citizen, we shall provide food for the attendant in the ward on request.
  6. The Cafeteria in the basement floor is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

You could make calls from your room. As soon as your bill is settled, the telephone is disconnected call charges Rs. 5/- per call.


Public call phones are available in the Basement and on the ground floor.


Patients are advised not to keep cash and valuables with them. Please deposit your cash with BILLING SECTION and obtain a receipt for it.
Baggage items may be deposited with the Security Department. The management is not responsible for the loss of jewellery, cash, camera, walkman, mobile phones or any other valuables.

  1. It is mandatory that patients wear hospital uniforms.
  2. The hospital provides washed and clean linen to all patients.
  3. All patients are provided with bed and bath linen and we encourage the patient attendants to use the linen which we provide at a nominal fee. Please avoid bringing outside linen, as this may cause infection.
  4. For any additional requirement of linen, you may contact our nursing staff in the ward.

A Patient can be discharged from the hospital on the advice of the consultant. After the discharge intimation is sent by the ward sister, the Billing Section would take atleast an hour to secure clearance from all the departments such as Pharmacy, Housekeeping, Telephones, Food Services and Operation Theatre. The billing assistant will inform you when the bill is ready. The bill may be settled by Cash / DD or Credit Card. (VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB). CHEQUES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

  1. Pay only at the Billing Counter.
  2. Please insist on receipt for any payment made towards your treatment in the hospital.

Before departure, the ward sister will hand over the prescription and explain to the patient about the treatment to be continued at home Please do not give tips to the staff. If any staff solicits payment kindly bring it to the notice of the administration. We, at Vydehi Super Speciality Hospital, strive to provide the best in patient care. Please contact the Inpatient coordinator (Ex tn. 1627) or Front Office if you face any problems. Patient’s suggestions are always considered and many times have proved useful. We value your opinion. We would appreciate your feedback on the services by filling in the patient evaluation form which could kindly be dropped in the suggestion or complain box available at different locations at the floor.