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Vydehi Super Speciality Hospital Endocrinology department provides comprehensive diabetes and endocrine-related care for both outpatients and inpatients of all age groups.


The most Comprehensive consultation and best skin treatment in Bangalore are provided for both outpatients and in-patients at VSH covering all dermatological conditions including


Vydehi Super Speciality Hospital’s 24/7 services of Gastroenterology is a super specialty that involves the management of patients suffering from disorders of the digestive system and liver. These patients may be suffering from simple problems like indigestion or dyspepsia, constipation, pain in the abdomen, jaundice, diarrhea or difficult problems like blood in the vomiting or stools, liver cirrhosis, swelling abdomen, bile duct stones, cancers of the gall bladder, pancreas, food pipe, stomach or intestine.


Cardiology Center is the heart of Vydehi Superspeciality Hospital and is amongst the leaders for non-invasive and invasive cardiology in the city of Bengaluru, South India.


The department of Neurology is one of the best neurology hospitals in Bangalore with highly qualified senior consultants providing the best neuro treatments


Nephrology is a branch of medical science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the kidney. Nephrology is a centre of excellence at VSH Hospital and sees more than 15,000 patients every year.


The VSH Hospital are regarded as one of the best heart hospitals in India, performing a multitude of treatments and procedures in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery. The scorecard shows an unmatched record of over 1,52,000 cardiac and cardiothoracic surgeries.


The VSH Hospital is regarded as one of the best & top orthopaedics hospitals in Bangalore (India) with a legacy of innovation and excellence. The Institutes are at the forefront in offering the latest in Orthopedic treatments and Orthopedic surgical advancements in India on par with the best centres in the world.